Terms & Conditions


HEX Entertainment Inc
1500 – 84th
street NE
Calgary Alberta T2A 7X4


GMC Stadium, 2200 Stampede Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W1

Show Management (herein called “Management”) and all Show-related facilities (herein called the “Venue”) in conjunction with the City in which the Show-related facility resides (herein called “City”).
• All person’s entering the property, grounds, and facilities do so entirely at their own risk. The Venue, the City, and Show Management do not accept liability for loss, injury, or damage to persons or vehicles.
• In the event of a medical emergency, please notify event staff immediately. The event is staffed with trained team members and security to assist.
• Pets are not permitted in the event.
• Obey all signs and staff directions in the haunts. Please no running in the haunts.
• Please help keep the venue clean. Properly dispose of your trash in a trashcan or recycle containers.
• The GMC Stadium is smoke and vaporizer free. Smoking is permitted in designed areas outside.
• Alcohol is not permitted on the park property. We reserve the right to escort guests off park grounds if they are found to be disregarding our policies.
• Any behavior that disrupts another guest’s enjoyment, is seen as harm to others, or breaks any of the City bylaws or Federal or Provincial law, may result in immediate ejection from the venue and could lead to prosecution.
• The event is partially outdoors. Experience is rain, shine or snow.