Are you spending Halloween in Calgary? ScreamFest is Canada’s Largest and Scariest Halloween Event. At ScreamFest you will experience haunted houses, Halloween themed carnival games, creepy and disturbing entertainment, and FEAR. Although we admit anyone, this event is rated PG13 – we are out to really, really scare adults. This event is NOT recommended for young children or the faint of heart. PS – We don’t sell underwear, so bring an extra pair…

The Grandstand is heated but the haunted houses are outside. In some sections you will be scared and outdoors where most of the undead live – so dress warm. There are food and refreshments for sale on-site – eat up! Zombies love a plump catch. No outside food and beverage please.

Friday the 13th only happens twice this decade, so we wanted to do it BIG! The first 1000 people through the door at ScreamFest get a free Jason costume, and we are going to set the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed up as Jason. Get your tickets HERE

ScreamFest has always been an exciting event for teenagers. So we wanted to give them a night all to themselves! (We will have extra security, and a DJ to boogie down with.)

It is entirely up to the food what they wear. We always think it’s cute when they dress up like us. Sure, some of the newer undead get confused for a second or two, but that warm blood and racing pulse always give the prey away no matter how dead they look on the outside.

  • Costumes are welcome, but not mandatory
  • Props like daggers, knives, axes, swords, guns etc. are not permitted.
  • As we get closer to Halloween more guests will dress up

You can try to win your soul back from Satan Mwaa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Okay, but really, you can win a variety of Halloween stuffies from small to large that you can’t find anywhere else.

Goody! We love the irony of game wanting to play games. ScreamFest has several very distracting games & activities:

  • Toss the severed head into the monster’s mouth
  • Feed Scary Gary delicious brains
  • Throw darts at the Wheel of Misfortune
  • Throw attached shrunken heads around a bar
  • Bounce frogs to their doom to a target
  • Shoot zombies with bows and arrows at Zombie Archery

Games cost “Killer Cash” which can be purchased onsite or with your event ticket at a discount!

Screamfest will follow all health protocols required at that time. If the event is cancelled, a new event date will be provided.

Adults Night is October 26th. 18+ Government issued ID is required. Enjoy cocktails and EVEN MORE TERROR.


One-Day Admission tickets are date specific. Please ensure you are purchasing the tickets for the correct date.

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The name on the tickets does not need to match with the person attending the event.

Ticket purchases are final sale and non-refundable. You are welcome to give your ticket to a friend!

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Before You Go

ScreamFest isn’t wheelchair accessible and there are lots of things like fog, strobe lights and the whole point is to get really stinkin’ frightened. So do not enter if you have a health condition that may deteriorate because of the elements of this event.

Also, this event is rated PG13 so although we will let ANYONE in (the zombies are always hungry), we recommend proceeding with caution when bringing children under 12 or sissies.

You mean tender, delicious, easy to fool kids? Well, all ages are really well advised to stay the Hell away from Zombies!! But if you really feel it’s time to give your kids something to cry about, this might be it.

Worldly twelve year-olds will probably fare okay, but no younger. And always with an adult. It’s called ‘Scream’Fest, not ‘Tee Hee’ Fest. But seriously, kids who aren’t keen to be scared should NOT attend ScreamFest, even with their favourite Nanna along for support. We are out to really, really scare adults. You better be one stout hearted kid (12yrs) to attend – recommended with an Adult.

Yes, you can bring them, but bags & backpacks will be searched before entering the event. Outside food & drink is not permitted.

The nearest train station to the Grandstand is Erlton Stampede station.

There is lots of parking located close to the BMO Centre. There is $15 parking fee though the Calgary Stampede. This fee applies to anyone and anything who enters the park. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Haunted Houses

Not only will the zombies NOT bite you, they will never touch you. Nor will any of the other spooks, devils, ghosts, witches, aliens, killer clowns or mad scientists. ScreamFest is a strictly no touching event – for you either. We don’t want to bring your disgusting germs back to the underworld.

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