Calgary haunted

What Lies Beneath

Words are useless. So are screams...

Taking the subway. Feels good. You're not one of those jerks driving a Hummer up on the road. No. You're virtuous. You've got a ticket to carbon footprint sainthood. So why isn't the train stopping at your stop? Or that one? Or that one? Oh good. It's stopping… OH SHIT! IT'S STOPPING!

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Afraid of the Dark

Step right up! Into the abyss of terror, where darkness engulfs your senses and your sight is reduced to a perpetual black void. As you navigate through sinister twists and turns hear monsters, lurking in the shadows, they're hungry too. With every step, your hands brush against decaying flesh, the touch of rotting corpses chilling you to the bone. Delicious! Brace yourself, for in this unholy realm, your mind dances on the precipice of madness, forever lost in darkness.

Sounds just lovely, doesn't it?

Bates Motel

You’ll probably snicker. Or better... Do the old “Cough! – Loser – Cough!” routine when poor, lonely Norman Bates checks you into his motel.

The only thing he has left in this world – aside from his moth-eaten homemade taxidermy collection. You’ll certainly feel a stab of pity for him later when you meet his mother. But save that pity for yourself. The last sight you’ll see is the flickering neon No Vacancy sign… through your only eye not filled with blood.

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Reapers & Grimm

Why do they call it a funeral home?

I don't care how dead I am, this just doesn't feel like home. This is just the place where all my ex's can come and cry about how I was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Now, I'm no expert, since this is my first time being dead and all, but should this guy be shooting me full of 100,000 volts just before the viewing? My hair was always straight when I was on the other side of the coffin.


Step into the haunting dimness of the Slaughterhouse! One can feel, almost TASTE the thick blood hanging heavy in the air as you push past bloody hooks and try to escape this deranged meat locker...

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Clown Town

Did you know 99% of all children are afraid of clowns? Kids are dummies. You’re an adult! Clowns are here to make you smile and laugh. Not scream and cry 🤡. You know the police respect the charity work clowns do in the community. They’re never going to look in a lovable clown’s basement.