Q: Worried? You Should Be!

A: ScreamFest is Canada's Largest and Scariest Halloween Event. At ScreamFest you will experience haunted houses, Halloween themed carnival games, creepy and disturbing entertainment, and FEAR. Although we admit anyone, this event is rated PG13 – we are out to really, really scare adults. This event is NOT recommended for young children or the faint of heart. PS – We don't sell underwear, so bring an extra pair…

Q: What will it cost to lose my soul at ScreamFest?

A: Don't be taken aback by the very reasonable prices - you are worth oh so much more than the mere $30 we charge at the door. You also get all the free entertainment roaming around to keep you from noticing that we are trying to lure you into the meat freezer. Games are extra, but for that you can win some prizes (though Satan hardly ever lets you keep 'em once you get to Hell). For $40 you can get some "Killer Cash" added to your General Admission to play the games, or partake in a variety of other activities (ie. Monster Truck ride, Zorbz, Archery Tag, etc.). Or, for $50, you get the luxury of running past everyone else so you can get scared sooner (no waiting in line!) plus your own share of some of that "Killer Cash" for games and activities! Click here to get full pricing details.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door? Or do I have to buy them online?

A: You can do either. The benefits of buying online is you are assured a ticket - which is a BIG DEAL seeing as this is the LAST YEAR of ScreamFest and nights will likely sell out! Click here to buy tickets online!

Q: I get off work late from the morgue. Can I still come by ScreamFest for an after-hours scare?

A: Depends. If your bagging and tagging ends before 10:00 p.m. - by all means, bring your formaldehyde reeking carcass down here - but be warned... Hours for ScreamFest are: 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Midnight). It takes a while to disembowel you, so ticket sales stop ONE hour before closing.

Q: Is ScreamFest for kids?

A: You mean tender, delicious, easy to fool kids? Well, all ages are really well advised to stay the Hell away from Zombies!! But if you really feel it's time to give your kids something to cry about, this might be it.

Worldly twelve year-olds will probably fair okay, but no younger. And always with an adult. It's called 'Scream'Fest, not 'Tee Hee' Fest. But seriously, kids who aren't keen to be scared should NOT attend ScreamFest, even with their favourite Nanna along for support. We are out to really, really scare adults. You better be one stout hearted kid to attend – WITH AN ADULT. Preferably an out of shape, easily fooled one.

Q: Should I even be going to ScreamFest?

A: ScreamFest isn't wheelchair accessible and there are lots of things like fog, strobe lights and the whole point is to get really stinkin' frightened. So do not enter if you have a health condition that may deteriorate because of the elements of this event.

Also, this event is rated PG13 so although we will let ANYONE in (the zombies are always hungry), we recommend proceeding with caution when bringing children under 12 or sissies.

Q: I know we're supposed to be scared, but will we be cold and hungry too?

A: The Grandstand Building and haunted houses are heated (there seems to be a temperature spike when people are running and screaming). In some sections you will be scared and outdoors where most of the undead live - so dress warm. There are food and refreshments for sale on-site - eat up! Zombies love a plump catch.

Q: Yippee! Yipee! Yipee! I like games. What kind of games do you have?

A: Goody! We love the irony of game wanting to play games. ScreamFest has several very distracting games & activities:

  • Toss the severed head into the monster's mouth
  • Feed Scary Gary delicious brains
  • Throw darts at the Wheel of Misfortune
  • Throw attached shrunken heads around a bar
  • Bounce frogs to their doom to a target
  • Try the terrifying Escape Rooms
  • Ride the Monster Truck or Simulator Ride
  • Shoot zombies with bows and arrows

Games cost "Killer Cash" which  can be purchased onsite or with your event ticket at a discount!

Q: What can I win!? What can I win!?

A:You can try to win your soul back from Satan Mwaa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  Okay, but really, You can win a variety of Halloween stuffies from small to large that you can't find anywhere else. 

Q: What if I'm so scared, you know ... I have to use the facilities? Are there facilities?

A: Do not use an open grave for your business. There are perfectly good washrooms on-site.

Q: Will the zombies actually bite me?

A: Not only will the zombies NOT bite you, they will never touch you. Nor will any of the other spooks, devils, ghosts, witches, aliens, killer clowns or mad scientists. ScreamFest is a strictly no touching event - for you either. We don't want to bring your disgusting germs back to the underworld.

Q: Okay ... I'm pretty sure something touched me in one of the haunted houses. What gives?

A: You were touched, but not by the undead or the alive. The things that are giving you nightmares now were completely inanimate objects doing exactly what they were meant to do...creep the hell out of you.

Q: Do all guests wear costumes when they come to ScreamFest?

A: It is entirely up to the food what they wear. We always think it's cute when they dress up like us. Sure, some of the newer undead get confused for a second or two, but that warm blood and racing pulse always give the prey away no matter how dead they look on the outside. Having said that, ­ due to safety concerns, ­ no masks can be worn inside ScreamFest. So, to review:

  • Costumes are welcome, but not mandatory
  • As we get closer to Halloween more guests will dress up
  • Masks cannot be worn while at ScreamFest

Q: I know it's all a trick, but what if the zombies do come to life and start attacking?

A: We have real first aid set up and security on-site.